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5 top tips to give Christmas gifts on a budget

There’s a special joy in exchanging gifts with your friends and family members, especially on Christmas. This is the most magical and anticipated holiday of the year when you should express your gratitude for the whole year toward your loved ones.

The other side of Christmas joy

Let’s admit the other side of the coin. Preparing for Christmas can sometimes be stressful as there is so much to do – buying Christmas gifts, decorations, and food, participating in some events and parties, especially when you have kids, and so on.

In between the expenses that Christmas brings, we sometimes rush in making random Christmas gifts without even budgeting.

How to stop going over budget? We’ve brought together some tips to budget for Christmas gifts which are a part of the holiday you must not omit. These methods will help you concentrate on the bright side of Christmas and enjoy it without budget burnout.

How much do people spend on Christmas gifts on average?

When it comes to giving Christmas gifts on a budget we all forget about the numbers. According to a recent survey people in the USA spend nearly 930 U.S. dollars on Christmas gifts on average.

Of course, spending money on Christmas gifts is justified, however, let’s not ignore the budget-friendly culture and try to track our Christmas spending not to go into debt in January.

Tips to spend on Christmas gifts thoughtfully

  1. Set a budget limit per gift

This is probably the most important rule to save money. Never shop for random Christmas gifts. Plan carefully and set a limit.

Imagine a situation when you haven’t decided what to give your friends yet and you see super cute random stuff in a store. “This is it!” you’ll think and you won’t even pay attention to the price tag.

  1. Look for sales

If you haven’t managed to get discounts on Black Friday, don’t worry. Many stores have pre-Christmas sales. If you know what you’re looking for, don’t rush and you’ll find it on sale.

  1. No random gift exchanges

Picking up a name in a group or a team and buying a gift for that certain person. Western people call this game “Secret Santa”. Put an end to this kind of social activity if you want to spend money on purpose.

This has nothing to do with politeness. Say no to obligatory gift-giving and make gifts only for the small circle of your loved ones.

  1. Make a non-material gift

Ok, let’s be honest. Sometimes we focus so much on giving something to our loved ones that we end up just picking up a random gift so that not be empty-handed. This year make a promise instead of a material gift. You can, however, print it on a DIY card. Promise to have more precious time with your friends and relatives. Time and attention are by far the most valuable gifts you can give and get.

  1. Try the four Christmas gift rule

If you can’t decide which gift is good for your friends and family members use the four-gift rule. This rule was initially shared on social media for parents to choose meaningful gifts for their children. But who said that non-parent adults can’t follow this rule?

What is the four Christmas gift rule?

This rule is made to make the gift-choosing process easier and avoid random and repeated gifts. So if you don’t know what to give your friends, consider giving:

  • Something they want

In the case of children, it’s easier to know what they want by reading their letter to Santa Clause. But when it comes to adults pay attention to what your loved ones are talking about. They may subconsciously mention the gift they want the most. They will appreciate your attention and attitude.

  • Something they need

Each of your friends probably has a hobby. If they use it while practicing their hobby that’s the thing they need. For example, if they do yoga then aromatherapy must be their favorite thing too. Consider giving them scented candles.

  • Something to wear

Clothes and accessories make a memorable and thoughtful Christmas gift. Consider giving your loved ones a cute warm sweater, a belt, or a jacket – something they will wear for a long time.

  • Something to read

Do you have friends or family members who like reading books? Perfect. Make sure they don’t have the book you’ll choose in their collection and it will be a meaningful gift. Every book is a new experience so giving books equals giving new emotions.

What is a reasonable price for Christmas gifts?

As we mentioned in one of the tips you should set a limit per Christmas gift. So, how much you should spend on each gift? According to experts, the reasonable price is $15-$30 for each friend or family member. You can, however, cut it down if there are many people on your list.

How much to spend on your significant other on Christmas?

Although significant others are considered to be our family members they take a special place in our lives. Most of you will agree that it’s harder to choose a holiday gift for our significant other than, for instance, for a friend.

While picking up a perfect holiday gift for your loved one follow the 4 gift rules we introduced to you. And how much you should spend on him/her?

Well, if you are dating for less than a year consider spending approximately $70-$100. Couples who are dating for more than a year or are already married prefer saving money on travel or other family expenses. So married couples spend approximately $50 on the gift for their significant others.

Were the statistics and tips useful? We never truly know how much we spend on certain things until we come across a survey.

Hopefully, our little tips will make a big difference in your life and you’ll stop criticizing yourself for “not giving appropriate gifts”.

After all, this is Christmas, and we should focus on having fun and enjoying the magical atmosphere with our loved ones.

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