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Floral arrangement ideas for Christmas

Are you ready for the Christmas get-together and celebration? The most heartwarming holiday is more than near, and if you’re still not ready, let’s add the finishing touches. We’ve already discovered the top Christmas symbols and decorations. You can also find out this year’s trending color to decorate your home most stylishly.

Wait, what about flowers? Flowers, the wonders of nature, make every holiday even more special and meaningful. Do people use flowers as Christmas decorations? What flower is associated with Christmas? Is it appropriate to give flowers on Christmas? Let’s get to know everything about Christmas flowers.

Do they use flowers as Christmas decorations?

There’s no better way to get into the spirit and welcome this joyful holiday than with an exquisite bunch of flowers. Even on cold winter days, flowers always boost energy and create a special atmosphere at home.

There are many flowers traditionally used on Christmas. So, of course, it’s more than appropriate to use flowers as a part of Christmas décor.

What are traditional Christmas flowers?

Some people believe that certain flowers bring good luck on Christmas and change the mood of their home for the better. Some of the typical Christmas flowers are poinsettia (probably the one you meet the most in Christmas decorations), the orchid, the Christmas rose, the Amaryllis, and the Holly.

What is the meaning of Christmas flowers?

Each of these plants and flowers makes a perfect floral decoration for Christmas. Yet, they’re not meant to just add a touch of elegance to the environment. They have special meanings and symbolism. Let’s see what each flower represents.


Poinsettias are also known as Christmas stars thanks to their appearance. Decades ago poinsettias were the symbol of purity. Nowadays poinsettias represent good luck and success. Decorating your home with poinsettias is believed to make Christmas wishes come true.


Luxurious and long-lasting orchids add a touch of elegance to your festive decorations. Orchids are the symbol of thoughtfulness and refinement – things we need to keep in our hearts on Christmas. Consider placing a bouquet with orchids in a special corner of your home.

Christmas rose

Don’t get confused by the name of this flower, because it’s not a rose. These wildflowers are more like buttercups. Christmas roses are the symbol of peace and purity.

According to the legend, Christmas roses once made a perfect gift for Christ. So, since then they are a part of Christmas decorations.


The amaryllis especially the rich red one is one of the most charming Christmas floral centerpieces. The meaning of the amaryllis comes from Greek mythology.

Amaryllis was a maiden who fell in love with a shepherd. By the way, the name Amaryllis means “sparkle, shine” which is so typical for Christmas. Amaryllis is the symbol of strength and determination.


There’s no Christmas without the famous symbol Holly. Holly is considered the most Christian symbol of Christmas mentioned even in the Bible. Make sure to bring it to your home right on Christmas Eve to ward off evil spirits.

Alternative Christmas floral decorations

You can get creative and use any of your favorite flowers as a Christmas decoration. Here are some lifehacks to make any flower match your festive table.

  1. Add evergreen or pine branches

Make a Christmas flower arrangement with evergreen or pine branches and any kind of flower. As Christmas is associated with green and red, consider adding red blooms to your arrangement: red carnations, roses, or chrysanthemums.

  1. Metallic vases

In case you didn’t know one of the 2022 Christmas decoration trends is adding metallic touches. Isn’t it creative to put your favorite flowers in metallic vases or pots? If the flowers you prefer are monotone you can even spray silver paint on them for adding more sparkle.

  1. Wood elements

Another Christmas decoration trend is bringing nature into your home. What comes first to our minds is using natural wood, like tree stumps. Take a little stump and make a vase out of it. Put your favorite flowers as well as other natural elements inside or around it.

You can also cut the flowers short and simply stick them on the stump. This amazing arrangement will look like a little forest or garden.

  1. Red ribbon

Red is the most “festive” color in Christmas decorations. So, every touch of red adds more elegance, joy, and sparkle to the atmosphere. Take your favorite flowers with stems, put them in a simple vase, and tie them with a red ribbon. To emphasize the red ribbon use white flowers like white roses, white amaryllis, etc. Here is it, a minimalistic yet creative décor.

  1. Vintage ornaments

One more amazing decoration trend is adding a vintage touch. Remember the shiny little ornaments? Place them in a silver or woody tray, cut the roses, peonies, or carnations short, and add some greenery. You can put candles or chocolates in the middle of the tray.

Regarding the ornaments, you can also get or make a Christmas wreath with ornaments and stick flowers to it.

The excellent news is you can first use fresh flowers as one decoration, then as soon as they slightly fade, cut them and use them in other decorations we suggested.

Can you give someone flowers for Christmas?

Of course, you can brighten your relatives’ Christmas by giving them a beautiful Christmas bouquet. You can even arrange it yourself using the flowers associated with Christmas.

If you prepared a gift for your loved ones you can place long-stemmed flowers into the gift packaging. The only reason why you should not give flowers on Christmas is in case the recipient is allergic to flowers or doesn't like them.

Where do I get Christmas flowers?

Nowadays, there are many flower shops in any city. On Christmas, they usually sell traditional Christmas flowers and arrangements. If there are no flower shops in your neighborhood, don’t worry.

Many online stores deliver flowers right to your door. All you have to do is to choose an arrangement and make an order. If you live in Dallas, TX Flower Boom Dallas florists will make the best Christmas flowers for you.

We’re looking forward to the magic Christmas will bring. What about you? After reading this article and somehow visualizing your home decoration for Christmas are you in the festive spirit too?

Hopefully, the interesting facts about Christmas flowers and floral decoration ideas will help you amazingly decorate your home. Let us know in the comments what your favorite floral decoration idea is. Also, make sure to share this with your friends who are interested in Christmas decorating ideas. Have an unforgettable Christmas!

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