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Flower festivals in Dallas, TX. The largest Botanical garden in Dallas

You’re in Dallas and you’re looking for a unique place to spend your time. Are you a huge fan of unique and rare plants and flowers? Do you want to explore the magical world of flora, and have a great time in an open-space botanical museum?

Then you should visit the Arboretum and botanical garden in Dallas, Texas. In this article, we gathered frequently asked questions about the garden: from floral festivals and events, entry tickets, the best time to visit, safety, etc.

What is Dallas Arboretum known for?

Ask Trip Advisor about Dallas Arboretum and it will answer that it is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Dallas, TX. Tourists and locals visit Dallas Arboretum to take a walk into the outdoor museum of trees, plants, and flowers.

It’s no coincidence that we call it a “museum” as it features a variety of rare and unique trees and flowers, which are shown in the exhibition. It is a great place to level up your knowledge about flora and develop your aesthetic taste.

What can I see inside Dallas Arboretum?

Like any Arboretum in the world, it contains rare species of trees and plants, unique flowers, and more than 10 gardens, each named after famous people’s names or a symbolic one. There’s also a laboratory in the Arboretum for scientific discoveries.

Is the Dallas Arboretum safe for children?

The Dallas Arboretum is a 100% safe place for children because of the eco-friendly atmosphere inside the garden.

It’s important to mention that the Dallas Arboretum also provides one of the top children’s education programs in South Texas. If you have a schoolchild who is interested in researching flora, this is your sign to make him a member of the program.

When it's best to visit Dallas Arboretum?

With its stunning gardens, amazing views, and events held all year long, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a great place offering a variety of activities for any season. Depending on what you expect from your visit, any season can be interesting and full of adventures.

Here is a brief guide to help you plan your trip.

The best season we recommend for visiting the Dallas Arboretum is spring. This is when the gardens come alive with vibrant colors, and the annual Dallas Blooms festival takes place.

If you want to see hundreds of spring flowers creating an inspiring display then don’t miss out on the Dallas Blooms festival.

In addition to the stunning floral displays, the Dallas Arboretum also hosts live music and special events. Don’t hesitate to bring also your children as children's activities during the festival are held separately.

Summer can be a bit hot and humid in Dallas, but the Dallas Arboretum provides a refreshing oasis for you. The gardens are in full bloom during this time, and you can enjoy a picnic on the lawn or take a stroll through the shaded walkways.

The Arboretum is a great place to have a summer evening out with your friends as it hosts a summer concert series featuring popular artists.

Fall is probably the second top season after spring to visit the Dallas Arboretum. It’s the season of the witch when the gardens are filled with golden colors and you can enjoy the spooky atmosphere.

The Arboretum offers an amazing attraction place during the fall season – Pumpkin Patch. You find yourself in a real Pumpkin village with houses and fences made of pumpkins. Even the ground is fully covered with pumpkins.

Visit Dallas Arboretum in the fall with your family, as both kids and adults will admire Pumpkin village.

For romantic souls visiting gardens when it’s raining will be a one-of-a-kind experience. Rain makes the colors of trees and flowers more intense, fresh, and alive.

Winter is not the ideal season to visit the Dallas Arboretum as some of the outdoor displays may not be as alive as they are for instance in spring. However, winter is not an exception to attending festivals and events. Additionally, in January you can see the first blooms of daffodils which create a sunny mood.

Where can I see cherry blossoms in Dallas, TX?

Cherry blossoms are so aesthetically beautiful and photographable that everyone wants to see them. Unfortunately, you can’t see the unique Japanese-spirited blooms at every corner in Dallas.

That’s why you need to visit the botanical garden in Dallas in late March to enjoy the scene of cherry blossoms.

Do weddings take place in the Dallas Arboretum?

This is probably one of the best parts about the Arboretum you can have your wedding arranged right in the garden.

Yes, a lot of stress-free, beyond-creative, and modern weddings already took part in the Arboretum. “Connect with your lover and nature” – this is how we want to title a wedding in the Arboretum.

The Arboretum has a special events managers team ready to plan your dream wedding there. If you live in Dallas, TX or you are planning to hold your wedding in Dallas, TX then don’t miss this amazing chance.

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding and you may wonder if they provide wedding flowers. It would be great but they don’t, as the flowers in the Arboretum only bloom for exhibition.

Don’t worry about wedding flowers, as there are several flower companies in Dallas, TX. One of the best flower delivery companies in Dallas is Flower Boom. Whenever you’re going to choose your wedding flowers, click here to see the collection of stunning bouquets and centerpieces.

How much does it cost to visit the Dallas Arboretum?

If you’re not a member of Dallas Arboretum and botanical garden, then you must pay to enter there. The ticket costs vary for children and adults. In addition, there are some days when the costs are discounted.

The average cost of the Dallas Arboretum ticket is $12-$20. For more details, you can visit their website.

Do you have other questions about the botanical garden? Hopefully, the information we gathered was helpful for you and now you know one more interesting place to go with your friends and family.

P. S If you love flowers more than anything don’t hesitate to attend the flower festival in April.

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