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The Official Color of 2023 and Symbolism of Colors

Pantone has recently shared the color of the year 2023. As you know colors have a huge psychological effect on human brains. Every color has its meaning and therefore its influence on our thinking and behavior.

Do you have anyone in your life who pays attention to colors, their meanings, and the associations? Or are you that person? If yes then welcome to the club! We are going to uncover important details about colors: What emotion does every color represent? What is the most relaxing color? And finally what is the Pantone color for the year 2023 and what does it symbolize?

How many colors exist in the world?

The most appropriate answer to this question would be – there are infinite colors in the whole world. Only in English, there are almost 650 named colors. Every color has its shades which are different colors with certain names. Not talking about the colors you can create by mixing some colors.

Let’s not overwhelm ourselves with immensely huge numbers. Instead, let’s keep in mind that there are warm and cool colors. Warm colors include red, orange, yellow, and other shades of them. They are associated with fire, warmth, and energy. Cool colors include blue, green, and purple. These colors are associated with calmness. There are also neutral colors that are neither warm nor cool. The neutral colors are white, grey, brown, black, and every other color mixing them.

What does every color represent?

Colors are used everywhere from makeup to ad banners. Whether you want it or not, marketers use certain colors to evoke certain emotions in us. Yet discovering the meanings of colors will not always keep you away from let’s say inappropriate shopping. Instead, knowing about the meanings of colors will help you to improve your emotional intelligence, lead a more healthy life, and of course, make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

Red color meaning

If there is one color titled “attention-grabber” then it’s red. Red is a color of desire, passion, and energy. Red makes us take action faster. Although it is more associated with danger and anger, red has a deeper meaning. Red is a life fuel that stimulates us to go on and make changes. If you need the motivation to achieve your goals surround yourself with red color. Make the most out of the aggression by using it as a natural impulse.


Orange sends out optimism and enthusiasm. If “forever young” was a color it would be orange. Orange also easily draws our attention but unlike red, it has nothing to do with a warning. Whenever we see orange our brain gets positive vibes. If you experience a lack of energy surround yourself with orange color. Consider the easiest yet prettiest way of boosting your energy with orange flowers.


Yellow is considered the happiest color in the world. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel. In addition to joy and happiness, yellow helps to learn and memorize things more easily. So next time you want to keep something in your mind write it down and mark it with yellow.


Most people associate green color with nature itself. Green is the color of safety, health, and growth. That’s why some people like plants that much Green also symbolizes luck. Even green smoothies can revitalize and boost our immune systems. Speaking about health don’t forget to check on your friends and relatives who are sick. Send them “get well” flowers and something healthy in green.


Have you ever thought about why blue is the main color in most insurance companies, banks, and hospitals? What connects these three are hope, trust, and security. These are what blue symbolizes. Most people will confirm that whenever they see blue color it gives them calming and relaxing energy. So if you want to raise your security level surround yourself with blue.


Purple is by far the most mysterious and spiritual color. Purple motivates us to delve deep into our innermost desires and thoughts. Purple is the color of our imagination. Do you need to come up with creative ideas? Look at something purple. As we mentioned in our previous post, the Christmas color of 2022-23 is lavender which is one of the shades of purple.


White is the color of balance, purity, and perfection. It is the most spotless color which is in fact the balance of all colors. If you are way too emphatic and take everything close to your heart try to wear something white. It will reflect rather than absorb. One more life hack from us. If you’re going to give someone flowers and you’re not sure what color give white ones. White flowers are appreciated by anyone.


Brown is the color of the ground we stand on. So first of all brown symbolizes stability and comfort. Whenever you’re overwhelmed simplify the situation by surrounding yourself with brown.


Though grey is a neutral color some people consider it cold and unemotional. It’s somehow true that grey is a more practical color. Businessmen tend to wear grey to add strictness to their look. In case you are extra emotional about something look at something grey.


Oh, this sophisticated black! The symbol of power, authority, and elegance. Black gives everything seriousness. If you want to seem more untouchable and cool wear black.

What is the official Pantone color for the year 2023?

In case you didn’t know Pantone (pan tone – “all color”) is a color expertise company that created the Color Matching System. In simple words, this system helps to name every color by the code and see how the colors will look on paper. This is especially applicable to brands and manufacturers. Although people all over the world follow Pantone every year to see what the color trend is. So the official Pantone color for the year 2023 is Viva magenta. A combination of red, purple, and pink, this color evokes bright emotions. As Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone mentions viva magenta is brave and powerful. Viva magenta is all about obtaining strength and inspiration from mother nature.

Whether you follow the trends or not, there is always something interesting. So, if you can relate to the ideology of getting closer to nature, expressing yourself, and embracing experiments then surround yourself with Viva Magenta. In case you don’t like it follow the symbolism of the colors mentioned above. Christmas and New Year are coming, so our guide to color symbolism will come in handy while decorating your home.

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