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Meanings of flowers you should know

If flowers could speak what would they say? Flowers have always been mood boosters and a generous way to express our feelings toward people we appreciate.

Although each flower is uniquely beautiful, many people like to give and get flowers based on their meaning. If you’re eager to know which flowers represent love, hope, a new beginning, or good luck then continue reading this article.

Do all flowers have a meaning?

Yes, every flower conveys a meaning or symbolism. Moreover, flowers have their own “language” which is called Floriography. This a whole new understanding of flowers where every detail matters.

For example, a single red rose means love at first sight while a bouquet of roses indicates fascination, appreciation, or another feeling based on its color.

As the New Year approaches make it a resolution to learn a new language - the language of flowers. Isn’t it fun to make meaningful gifts and wedding bouquets or attract emotions from flowers?

Which flowers represent love?

Red roses are the most iconic love symbol. Red roses are a traditional way to say “I love you”. But you probably didn’t know that the number of roses you give also matters.

1 rose – “I’ve fallen in love with you at first sight”

3 roses – “I love you”

5 roses – “You’re my special one”

10 roses – “You are perfect”

15 roses – “Please, forgive me”

25 roses – “I wish you happiness”

50 roses – “I want to share my life with you”

100 and more roses – “I’m forever yours”

The colors of roses also have special meanings. Know what every color of rose means in this article.


Similar to roses, peonies represent love, romance, and beauty. Peonies are often used as centerpieces on wedding days or as bridal bouquets. By giving peonies to a special someone you tell them “I’m impressed by your beauty”.


Oh, these tender and sweet-smelling spring flowers. Tulips, in contrast with roses, symbolize not only romantic love but also love for a mother, love for a friend, or love for people in general. If tulips could speak they would say “My love for you is unconditional and platonic. You have a special place in my life”. Yet, red tulips are a symbol of passion and love – a great alternative to roses.

Which flowers represent hope?


Irises are the most famous flowers representing hope, faith, and wisdom. You can give these unique purple-bluish flowers wishing for a fast recovery.


No other flower is that eye-catching than a sunflower. With bright yellow shades, sunflowers represent hope for the better, positivity, and happiness. A bunch of sunflowers will immediately boost any recipient’s mood.


Chrysanthemums symbolize happiness, well-being, and faithful friendship. Chrysanthemums bloom in red, orange, yellow, white, purple, and blue colors. It’s common to give chrysanthemums to those who need support. These unique flowers will encourage your friends and relatives.

Which flower means you miss someone?

Pink camellia

Do you miss your friend, loved one, or family member? Send them pink camellias and they will perfectly convey the message “I miss you”.

Which flowers represent good luck?

Thinking that certain flowers may represent good luck isn’t superstitious. Some flowers symbolize fortune. Let’s see which flowers can boost your loved ones and your good luck level.


Though hydrangeas may seem fragile because of their small petals, they are the symbol of prosperity and good luck. If you wish to be surrounded by energy full of luck, make a corner for hydrangeas at your home. Consider also giving a bunch of hydrangeas to someone you wish good luck.


Extraordinary, unique, and luxurious. Three words that best describe orchids – exotic plants. Since Ancient times, orchids have been the symbol of fertility and good luck. A bouquet including orchids is a gorgeous and thoughtful gift to wish someone good luck.

From a non-romantic point of view peonies also represent honor and fortune. Lush peony blooms are a vivid symbol of fertility.

Which flower symbolizes new beginnings?

A new beginning in life is a great occasion for giving flowers. It can be a birth of a baby, a university degree, a new business, or anything else that makes us start a new chapter.


Blooming in the early spring, daffodils symbolize rebirth and fresh beginnings. You can give these warm yellow flowers to even a new friend or anyone you want to make smile. Yet, don’t forget to give a bunch of daffodils not a single one, because as the legend of Narcissus says it brings bad luck.


Simple, modest, and minimalistic daises are the perfect reflection of a new start. The multiple white petals of the daisies represent purity, innocence, and faithfulness. A bunch of daises is a perfect fit for a new mom.

White Cala Lily

One more flower blooming in spring and thus representing a fresh beginning is the Cala lily. Its silky elegant look makes it a perfect bridal bouquet. Give a bouquet including Cala lilies to your loved one on your wedding anniversary.

Which flowers symbolize friendship?

Do you want to send a bouquet to your besties on National Best Friends Day? Sending flowers to your friends will show how much you appreciate them. Imagine their excitement when they get a meaningful bouquet. Several flowers represent pure friendship, respect, and loyalty.

Consider giving these flowers to your friends: sunflowers, yellow roses, gerbera daisies, and alstroemerias.

Can a woman give a man flowers?

It’s generally accepted that only men can give flowers to women as they love and appreciate the beauty. However, it’s completely ok if women want to give flowers to men on Father’s day, on their anniversary, or just because they want to express their love. Flowers and their beauty have no gender. Some flowers may seem a little more “masculine” and bold depending on their color and appearance in general.

Which flowers are suitable for men?

If you’re looking for a neutral flower that men can place for example at the office then consider white flowers, such as white orchids, lilies, and tulips.

If you are into braver shades black and dark blue bouquets will be perfect. You can find something suitable for your husband, father, or male friend at every flower store. Have a look at the men's flowers collection in Dallas.

Was a new language of flowers interesting? Make sure to use the language of flowers while giving someone a bouquet. It will make them feel more special as you paid attention to every detail. Hope you’ve already decided on which flowers to give to your relative in the upcoming holidays.

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