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Valentine's Day 2023 guide

Do you already feel Love in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches? The most romantic day is one more opportunity to show your sweetheart how you love and appreciate him or her.

If you have a significant other, you’re probably looking for the best Valentine’s gifts for couples or thinking about unique Valentine’s day date ideas. In this article, we are going to cover these and many more questions related to Valentine’s day.

We put together the best Valentine’s gifts in every price range, both for men and women, so we’re sure this article will help any person to choose an appropriate gift for Valentine’s day. Let’s get started.

What to get a girlfriend for the first Valentine’s day?

Is this your first Valentine together? It must be both exciting and a little bit stressful for you to get a really specific and appropriate gift for your girlfriend for your first Valentine’s day. We’re here to relieve your stress by listing some of the best gifts for your girlfriend on her first Valentine’s day.

No matter how long you have been dating, you should know your girlfriend’s interests, hobbies, and passions. It doesn’t always have to be a romantic, luxurious, or cute gift. Give her something useful or something, that will remind her of you throughout the day.

We gathered the top 5 Valentine’s day gift ideas for a new girlfriend with any taste and interest.

1. A Book

Not everybody likes reading, but if you know that your loved one is interested in books, then complement her book collection with a psychological book. No matter how strong, flexible, or mentally healthy your girlfriend is, this book will calm down her thoughts and will help her look at herself from another perspective. If you think she’s more into fiction, then choose a book with an interesting plot.

2. A Necklace

A necklace with a cool design and packaging conveys the cutest message to the one you adore. No matter how long you have been dating, the first Valentine’s day is a perfect occasion to remind her that you’re happy to find her.

3. Cool Wireless Headphones

If your girlfriend is obsessed with music, maybe it’s time to spice up her music-listening ritual. Give her premium noise-canceling sound-quality headphones, and watch her lose herself in the world of music.

4. Instax Fujifilm Camera

If your girlfriend is obsessed with photography or just likes capturing every moment, then the instant printing camera is for her. The vintage-looking Instax cameras are available in a variety of colors, so choose the one she likes the most.

5. Roses and plush toy set

If you’re anyway want to keep it romantic and sweet, then get a cute set of roses, chocolates, and a fluffy bear for your girlfriend.

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for her (wife, fiancé, girlfriend)

Some gifts can make any woman smile. Here, we gathered the top 5 personalized, cute, and thoughtful gifts for any kind of woman you love.

1. Personalized satin pajamas

Any woman likes an individual approach. Help her sleep better and shine by giving her a super soft pajama set with her name embroidered on it.

Order on Etsy, for $69

2. Custom puzzle

A puzzle with your photo is one of the most original and creative gifts. Whether it’s your girlfriend or wife of many years, she’ll be happy to get such a meaningful gift and later frame it and hang it on the wall.

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3. Monogram Initial Rose Box

What can be more romantic and elegant than fresh red roses with the first letter of her name? Surprise her by giving her this special and luxurious arrangement.

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4. Personalized acrylic song frame

Is there a song that reminds you of your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé, whoever she is, or your relationship? If yes, then choose that song and a cute photo of you two, and order the personalized acrylic song frame.

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5. Personalized Makeup Organizer

Men don’t always sort out the “girly” things but believe us, a high-quality organizer is something every woman needs. Her name engraved on it makes it even more special and thoughtful.

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What do women actually want for Valentine’s Day?

What do women really want for Valentine’s day as a gift or as an attitude, maybe a creative date idea, or a surprise? This is the most asked question every man wants to know an answer to.

There’s no universal answer to how to make her feel special but we tried to sum up women’s needs, especially on Valentine’s Day, so, we got some results.

First of all, know that the percentage of women who don’t like romantic Valentine’s gifts such as flowers, chocolates, cards, etc, is very low (not even 20%). The difference may be that some women prefer more luxurious flower arrangements, rather than cute ones.

Almost 40% of women like to get be treated uniquely, so even when getting your loved one a common Valentine’s day gift, make sure to add a message to it reminding of her – for example, include her favorite color, or a card with the phrases you tell her the most.

Approximately 36% of women want to have a nice dinner out be it on Valentine’s day or any special day.

Tastes differ, so make it a task for you to figure out your significant other’s interests. Go deep into her personality to know what she prefers to get or do.

What do men actually want for Valentine’s Day?

It’s fair to mention that sometimes men are being picky and unpredictable because there’s a popular opinion that women are the ones who are hard to impress as you’ll never guess what they like the most.

Men are believed to be more pragmatic and to take more initiative. But what if it puzzles them? What if they also want to get sentimental and just enjoy the moment without taking control of it?

Men don’t always need material gifts. Men love when their women are well-dressed and ready to have a perfect night out. So, take him on a special date on Valentine’s Day.

Although shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, and other self-care products are too common gifts for men, some of them really need them. Sometimes they don’t even differentiate between these products. So, help them get that “super fresh man” look by giving them good self-care products.

What if your partner doesn’t like fancy restaurants, because there are usually a lot of people on Valentine’s Day? Make it just him and you. Netflix and chill is always a good idea. Just organize it really well: prepare some snacks and good wine and invite him to have a movie night.

Men also appreciate anything handmade by their significant others. Literally ANYTHING - a small keychain, card, or maybe something bigger if you can. It means you dedicated your time and energy to making that special thing for him.

Valentine’s day gifts for him

If you’re looking for a special gift for your husband, boyfriend, or a significant man in your life on Valentine’s day 2023, don’t worry, we have a list for you.

The gift ideas we gathered here span the budget and interests spectrum. So, here we go.

1. 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster

Let’s be honest: sometimes men take a lot in their hands regarding your relationship and dates. He may be short of date ideas. A carefully selected list of dates is probably the most thoughtful and interesting gift for him. Let him add a little adventure and spontaneity to your relationship by randomly scratching a date idea in the poster.

2. Neck Massager

If you’ve ever noticed tension in his muscles, especially if he spends more time at the desk or drives long distances, then the best solution for it is a portable neck massager. Give him the joy of having relaxed muscles anytime, anywhere. He’ll be beyond thankful.

3. Organizer

If he’s always losing his keys, sunglasses, or tiny things, get him a multi-section organizer. This is also a great gift idea for men who like everything gathered in one place.

4. Jacket

If he isn’t always in the mood of going shopping, make it easier for him by giving clothing he needs the most. A seasonal stylish jacket will take a special place in his wardrobe.

5. Your photo together

Do you want to surprise him with something romantic? Then consider giving him something that will always remind him of you. Maybe, print your photo together in a tiny size to place it in his wallet and add a cute message.

What are the most common gifts for Valentine’s Day?

You probably have noticed that local stores, malls, and other shopping centers get filled with red roses, balloons, chocolate boxes, and many other similar things. The meaning of Valentine’s day is celebrating love no matter how long you have been together.

Let’s see what are the most common Valentine’s day gifts for women:


Greeting cards


Dinner for two


The most common Valentine’s day gifts for men are:




A grooming set


Luxury Valentine’s Day gifts

Luxurious things aren’t necessarily shiny, tremendous, or super expensive. The characteristic of luxurious things is first of all the quality. Luxury gifts can be anything from a gorgeous flower bouquet to a chic perfume, or jewelry. Below, you’ll find some of the most luxurious gifts for Valentine’s day 2023:

1. Cool bag

Get her a cool and timeless bag from her favorite brand and watch her smile. Bags are an essential part of women’s look, so a luxury one always compliments it.

2. Perfume

You may already know her favorite scent, but it’s too predictable to gift her the same perfume. Try to get her something close to her favorite scent.

3. Diamond Ring

A delicate diamond ring for the special one who won your heart.

4. Ticket to a beach

A beach holiday in the middle of winter is something refreshing and cool.

5. Luxurious flower arrangement

Fresh, gorgeous-smelling, and eye-catching flower arrangement of 300 roses is something every romantic woman will be happy to get. Add a romantic message and show her the size of your loving heart.

Affordable Valentine’s day gifts (under $30)

Do you have big plans on Valentine’s day and you want to get him or her a budget-friendly symbolic gift? You can be cheap but SMART. Let’s see what are the best affordable V-day gifts for her:

1. Silk pillowcase

You may wonder why your woman would ever need a silk pillowcase. Breaking a secret for you, men! A silk pillowcase allows women’s skin and hair to stay smooth and harmless.

2. A cellphone stand

The most appropriate and budget-friendly gift for a selfie queen.

3. Planner

For the one who’s always planning her budget, vacation, health check-ups, and so on. A well-designed planner will satisfy her.

4. Portable charger

Sometimes caring means gifting things we all need but don’t have time to buy. In the smartphone century, a small but powerful charger will solve a lot of your partners’ problems.

5. Apron

A comfortable apron is one of the best gifts for the captains of the kitchen. Make sure to get one with a nice design.

Affordable Valentine’s day gifts for him:

1. Keychain

Get him a symbolic keychain, maybe one with an engraved message. Always being in his sight, the keychain will always remind him of you.

2. AirPods or smartphone case

The things he can’t go without need protection. Well, make it special and meaningful. Choose a case of his favorite color or design. Plus, he can change his cases every day. So, don’t worry if he has a few.

3. Beard moisturizer

Get him a soothing lotion and make him feel comfortable all day long. Cheap and smart. That’s it!

4. Protein shaker

Shoutout to your partner who is obsessed with a workout! Get him something he needs the most - a durable protein shaker cup.

5. Hoodie

For a man who likes oversized and comfy clothes, hoodies are never enough. Get him a hoodie in a color he doesn’t have.

How to enjoy being single on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's day is not always about couples. There are a lot of single people who equally deserve love, hugs, and attention. The only difference is that first, they need to give that love to themselves. We gathered a little list of fun things you can do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single.

1. Take a new class

Remember what you have been procrastinating for so long. Dedicate Valentine’s Day to learning something new, which will make you feel better.

2. Have a SPA day

You don’t need someone else to make you a SPA day. Make it for yourself, forget all the regrets and worries and seize every moment spent with your true self.

3. Hang out with your single friends

You’re not the only one in your circle of friends, who’s single, are you? Then have a party together and celebrate the love you have for each other.

4. Make greeting cards for your loved ones

Make a list of people you truly love and appreciate, and make cute V-day cards for each of them. Love is love, whether it’s romantic, platonic, or universal.

5. Go to a concert

Going to a concert alone is one of the best me-time activities. At first, it may seem a little awkward, as there will be a lot of couples around you. Trust the process, as later you’ll get used to enjoying the concert all alone.

For those who are not single and are looking for some Valentine’s day date ideas , check out our latest article.

Did you find anything interesting and useful for you in this article? Hopefully, we covered all the questions you may have regarding Valentine’s Day.

If you have a significant other, wish you an unforgettable day and endless love. If you’re still single, don’t worry, instead, use the tips we gave to single people and remember that first, you need to love yourself.

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